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Arbour National

Arbour National is dedicated to the long-term ownership of specialty Property & Casualty insurance carriers led by extraordinary teams. We aim to build an enduring platform by partnering with proven carriers in diverse specialty segments. Our goal is to create an environment where leadership teams have the resources and support of a larger group while maintaining the autonomy and ownership culture of an independent carrier.

We are a privately held insurance holding company based in Raleigh, North Carolina, with a multidisciplinary team that has experience in insurance, entrepreneurship and investing. Arbour National is proud to be backed by Investors Management Corporation (IMC), which brings a 50-year track record from multiple lines of business.


/ ˈärbər /

A framework that supports climbing flora — a metaphor for what Arbour National does for our growing partner companies.


Insurance is all about people. We know that the best teams in the right environment will always win in the long run, generating far better outcomes for employees, policyholders, business partners, communities and shareholders.

We partner with high-performing teams and strongly believe that management should be co-owners in the business. Each of the companies we partner with retains its unique identity and operational autonomy.

With a permanent capital base and a 100-year mentality, we have no requirement to sell and instead focus our leadership teams on building enduring businesses.

Arbour National’s role is to help create that environment — where leadership teams have a long-term horizon, a strong financial foundation and the support to pursue steady, rational growth.

Our People

Arbour brings a multidisciplinary team with experience in insurance, entrepreneurship and investments.

Dale Jenkins

Dale Jenkins


Drawing on his experience building a specialty P&C carrier, Dale guides Arbour National as Chairman of the Board. He focuses on identifying opportunities, due diligence and serving as an advisor to partner company leadership teams.

Connor Leonard

Connor Leonard


Connor leads Arbour National as President and is on the Board. Prior to forming the company, he worked for ten years within IMC, focusing on private acquisitions and managing public market investments.

Stuart Frantz

Stuart Frantz

Board Member

Stuart serves on the Board of Arbour National and leads IMC as President and CEO. He brings a broad range of entrepreneurial and leadership experience from his 25-year affiliation with IMC.

Partner Companies

Arbour National is proud to partner with leadership teams at the following companies:

What we look for in partner companies

We seek to partner with high-performing teams operating proven companies in attractive specialty markets.

Exceptional leadership in place with an eagerness to responsibly grow their business as co-owners.

Specialty P&C carriers with $10m to $100m in surplus, operating in segments that require a dedicated focus.

Proven underwriting culture with a demonstrated track record of profitability.

Strong presence in niche segment with the potential to expand into new states or complementary lines of business.

Pathway to a controlling ownership position for Arbour National.

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